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Monday, March 22, 2010

Our letterpress goodies!

HI!! I'm back! So sorry for the incredibly long hiatus from our blogging.

That time was filled by frantically packing up boxes full of our Spring and shipping them to our retailers, planning our AWESOME web redesign, finalizing Fall, and me writing long, important papers for school!

But I'm back!

And I want to tell you about someone I really am crazy about-- Bird Dog Press.

They made some new stationary for us. Like, gorgeous right? Oh they are made from recycled materials!

This one is on a heavy recycled cardstock. Very earthy looking.

And this is just PCW recycled paper, I think.

This is recycled cotton! So soft!

Alli, the genius behind BDP, is as kind as she is genius and visionary. Look at this baby announcement and tell me you don't want to just BE in Alli's head! It would be like a geniune, sincere world of pretty! And her press kit? Wow!

This video of her creating her little masterpieces is really cool to watch, too! (The Guy, who takes little interest in my world of baby things, loved watching this!)

Bird Dog Press, Lyons, Colorado from Kevin Von Qualen on Vimeo.

Check her out! Soak up some creativity on her blog, and go snatch up some of her genius from her




  1. Welcome back to the blogging world :-)
    Beautiful stationary.
    I have just recently signed up for a letter-press course. Amazing stuff.

  2. Those are cute! Looking forward to reading more from you...

  3. LOVE this... wish i could afford a huge stack of stationary w/ my logo... that'd be SO cute to send out a little note with crib bedding.