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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Wear it!" Wednesday

Meet Sienna Miele! She is wearing our Fishies Laptee.

Sienna is the niece (basically) of our beloved Eli.

Without Eli, we would not be in business! He is the logistical printing genius behind our signature photo prints that are done over the entire piece. (If you notice, not many brands, if ANY, do this, as its very difficult and labor intensive.)
He is basically the coolest guy ever and we are lucky to work with him.

But back to cutie Sienna! Sienna is a true green baby, living in the same super cool farm community in which Eli was raised.

We just can't help from smiling when we look at her darling grin.

Thanks to Eli, Sienna, and Sienna's parents for the photo!

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