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Friday, March 5, 2010


(Preface: I have been doing talk after talk and interview after interview about what being an entrepreneur is and how its impacted my life, so I am always thinking of what it means to my life. Below lies the loopy thoughts of a VERY tired small business owner who is in the process of rolling out SS2010 and polishing FW2010. All while writing papers and studying law.)

Today I took a look in the mirror and felt compelled to share what I saw. It was like a different human being.

It reminded me of those "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs." commercials.

I have received about 3 hours of sleep a night this entire week. I haven't showered in 3 days. I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday because... I was too strung out on tiredness to realize that thats why they were laying on my dresser. My skin is like out of control and the circles under my eyes makes me wonder if I am part raccoon. The bags go down across my cheeks.

Its like I am on this new drug on the streets-- ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

I used to have good hygiene. I used to work in skincare and wear touches of makeup to polish off a perfect glow. I used to love trips to Sephora with Patty, Nat, and Hala reveling in the good smelling and beauty-making things there. I used to be put together. I used to not consider coffee a suitable lunch.

But now I never smell good. Hygiene is an afterthought. Coffee is a great well-rounded meal for me. Its like the downhill spiral of someones life that screams "Someone please intervene!"

I share this with you all because I have had so many conversations with young entrepreneurs about this. Its the ugly (literally) side of running your own business. Oh, and doing it while in law school doesn't help.

So, for your viewing pleasure.



(I turned my head just for you, so you could see the greasy sheen.)

My goal for this weekend is to get pretty and take care of myself!
My challenge to you all: take some time for yourselves and treat yourselves to something special. Can't wait to hear what you all do.




  1. Love it for keeping it real. I've had a particular trying week myself. Tonight, I take a shower, drink a glass of wine (or two) and order my favorite fancy pizza. Guilt free...

  2. So True... I can totally relate to your situation. With the hectic schedules involved with running 'OrganicEcho' I am walking right behind you on 'becoming a raccoon' journey :)

    As a successful business person, your honest thoughts will surely help people realize the effort, that goes behind the glamour of becoming an Entrepreneur.

    Okkk then... inspired by your post - I am rushing now to gift myself some much needed skincare!

  3. Truth: I think you still look prettier than me on my best day

  4. truly you are super adorable grease and all...i need a dark circle remedy ASAP...have no 'me time' ideas whatsoever...::sigh::

  5. Tonight I'm planning a pizza-fest as well. Getting to see my husband for the first time in a week....we'll break out the wine and finally get some time to talk.

    I've pulled two all-nighters this week with lesson plans, group outings and been making far too many runs to the Mac Store for help with computer issues.

    I believe a great "chill" is order for Saturday;) I hope you have a marvelous weekend, love. And that you finally have some time to rest.

  6. Hi Kyle!
    This is such a GREAT post! LOL! ;) That look on your face... love it! I can definitely relate. Hang in there, girlie! It's all worth it, right?!!!! Hope you have a fabu weekend and get some chillax time in. ttyl!

  7. I so know this alllll too well... if I could post pictures here I totally would, lol

  8. OH and p.s. at least your eyebrows are kept up... I waxed mine on Tuesday for the first time in 2 months... it was like a hairy monster was sleeping on my eyes... all tucked into the blue bags that hung underneath them, lol

  9. Oh jeez I can relate this this right now. Trying to keep on top of things business wise, and move house at the same time (I know someone else.. the post above me, can totally relate here too, apart from she did it with two kids.. insane).. oh and I'm working a full-time job.

    We have no clean clothes, because the machine is diconnected for the move, I haven't showered in days because it is broken. My hair is matted, and I am hiding this with a trusty beanie.

    Today is my day off, I will be taking a trip to the gym.. not for a work-out, but to use the showers there (heh..might aswell get some use out of that damn membership I don't want)

    ..I'll just be here, waiting for a break.

    My heart is with you, totally!

  10. I totally understand! I wrote a blog post about being a small business owner a year ago that you reminded me of when I was reading your post: http://blog.thepajamasquid.com/2009/01/13/you-know-youre-a-small-business-owner/

    Especially since I don't have any employees or a business partner man do somedays just make me want to run and hide. It is crazy how I have let myself go, I have finally just started working on losing what I call the, "business weight."

    Hope you got your rest! Thanks for this post!