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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

Wow-- we LOVE siblings wearing our clothes. We've really lucked out lately!

For this weeks post, meet the beautiful Jaylin and Jeffery, sporting their barley & birch Bluefeet and Monkey Tees. These two are the beautiful babes of Jackie whose blog Monkey Mayhem just reviewed barley & birch here!

Mom Jackie reports that Jeffery loves the movie Cars and loves to play with trains, cars, airplanes...anything that moves!

Jaylin loves animals, her favorite of which being horses. And she likes princesses, of course! Fun fact about Jaylin-- her hair is naturally curly but neither her mom or her dad have curly hair!

Both of them love to watch Spongebob and riding their bike/tricicle.

We think: they sound like perfect little kids. (:

We love Jaylin's "Mom, get that camera out of my face please" look and Jeffery's willingness to soak up the attention.

Thanks to Jackie for sending over the pics!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

This week's "Wear it!" Wednesday is near and dear to my heart-- as this photo was so kindly sent by my great friend, Sarah. Well, she is more like the sister I never had. Sarah and I grew up a house down from one another and our parents have been close for years. We fondly recall family camping trips (riding fold up bikes that would fold up while you were riding them if my mother happened to be the one that set it up) and Mini Golf outings (where you never knew how her mother always managed to get "2" strokes on the hole she spent 20 minutes on.) And I probably shouldnt mention the perfectly choreographed dances to various Dixie Chicks songs. In the car. Or dancing around it stopped at a red light. To the humiliation of her brother siting/hiding in the back.

ANYWAY, these CUTIES are her cousins. Meet Nicholas (2), Jackson (6 months), and Luke (4) of beautiful Ankeny, Iowa. Their mother, Jann, notes that the boys enjoy counting the animals on each others barley & birch shirts! The boys love playing outside and look forward to getting plenty of use out of their barley & birch tees during their annual trip to the family's lakehouse in Wisconsin this August. Looking at the picture, we certainly don't doubt that.

Well, we are convinced that you couldn't pack much more cuteness into a single photograph if you tried. (:

Thanks to Sis and Jann for sharing this adorable photo!

P.S. If I get enough comments or messages, I would be willing to post some hilarious chilhood photos of Sis and I. And her 4 siblings.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

This week we would like to introduce you to the infinitely happy Elijah! Elijah is the son of Autum, who, on top of raising 3 little boys, manages to keep up two blogs: Monsters in My House and Three Boys and Mom-- both of which we at barley & birch love. (Check out her review of barley & birch here!)

Elijah is an active 14-month old who is always on the go-- he particularly loves dancing and being outside. His favorite book at the moment is Eric Carle's "I can do that, can you?" and his mom mentions that "he's always flipping the pages and giggling at it by himself if he's not crawling into our laps with it." Wow, did anyone else's heart just melt? What a sweet boy! We are proud that he is outfitted in our threads, thats for sure.

Thanks to Autum and Elijah for the photos and barley & birch love. (:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

(Hm, back to Thursday, BUT better late than never.)

This weeks "Wear it!" Wednesday features Zavery, the mischievous-but-sweet-as-sugar-looking tot of Amber, owner of RockerByeBaby, which makes and sells adorable kids clothes & blankets for the rockstar in every kid. Amber also blogs and does some incredible giveaways there! Barley & birch was lucky to get one of the sweetest, most touching reviews we have ever received from her site. We can't get enough of mega-cool people taking steps toward a super eco-friendly life, thus making it look even cooler! You can only take so many hemp-wearing, vegan, barefooted hippies... oh, wait...

Anyway, Zavery's clever slogan is also probably the cutest thing that we have ever seen. Other than his little smirk that is...

And yes, staying true to the barley & birch mission, Zavery is definitely rocking a cloth diaper! We think: BEST OUTFIT EVER.

Thanks to Amber and Zavery for being, well, total rockstars.