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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

Wow, this awesome photography definitely merits the first two-photo "Wear it!" Wednesday post yet.

That's understandable, I suppose, as this little cutie, whose name is Maddie, has one skilled mother! Maddie's mom is Beki of Beki Dawn Photography. We love reading her blog too just to stare at her pretty photos!

Maddie loves watching movies while eating popcorn and loves going to the park. She also loves to read and sing songs. Maddie also has our favorite little girl trait ever, a love of twirling!

Beki reports that Maddie's favorite food is "of course anything candy or sugar, but when she is eating what she's supposed to...she loves apples, waffles, and hot dogs!"

Well one look at these photos and its easy to see that Maddie is a total sweetie!

Beki, too, is pretty awesome and actually paid us one of the best compliments ever without even knowing it. She told us, "I love hugging Maddie when she has her barley & birch shirt on because it is so soft and snuggly!" That is music to our ears! (:

Thanks to Beki and Maddie for the photos!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 truths & a lie: Summer from fawn & forest

Who: Summer

What: Beautiful owner of fawn&forest, the insanely gorgeous mecca of children's gear and clothing. Supermom of 2 cutie boys.

Why are are obsessed: First of all, we at b&b are instantly smitten by impeccable taste and design, so obviously we had a business crush on Summer and fawn&forest from day 1. THEN I got to meet the cool crew she has over at fawn&forest and exchange some (like 200) e-mails with her at all hours of the morning. It was love at first "Reply" for me.

Since then, she has taken time out of her insanely busy days to respond to me please for advice and suggestions, always offered words of encouragement for what we are doing, and inspired us daily with her neat finds and ideas on Twitter.

We are stoked to know her.

Now she is going to lie to you.

Summer reports:

1. She skipped the 11th grade.
2. She was one of Inc. Magazine's Top 30 Under 30.
3. She wants to legally change her middle name.

WHICH IS THE LIE?? Submit guesses below.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alma Mater Love

This past week I have been really overcome with love of my alma mater-- DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.

I've given 6 interviews this week. Most of them asked "What gave you this sense of global responsibility?" I thought about it and gave the same response "My parents and my university, who both pushed me to get our and see the world and how others lived."

But then, on Wednesday night, as I was leaving my late class in lonely downtown San Francisco (I still haven't made many friends at my new school yet,) I saw something that warmed my heart more than I expected it to. I saw my friend, a homeless man, in his usual stoop, huddled with his stuff, wearing a DePauw hoodie. (The classic one, black with bold gold fabric letters.) A DePauw grad, whoever he or she might be, had likely donated their sweatshirt somewhere, and it was now keeping my friend warm.

It hit me very hard, and tears welled up in my eyes. Amidst a city of strangers, I all of the sudden felt a sense of being home.

DePauw University is pretty cool like that.

DePauw shipped me off to Central America, and had me live in poverty with the families that have eventually become my own. It put me face to face with community members as we worked to build a town hall. It humbled me when both my tortilla and cement making ability was the mockery of an entire village. It taught me that just a few people can truly change the world.

DePauw showed me that you can do totally different things, like say, law and fashion, and make it work. (I was a philosophy and geology major, with Spanish and Chemistry minors.) DePauw showed me that there will always be adults that are hating, and trying to break you down for whatever reason. (Like Scott Wilkerson and Fred Soster.) But DePauw taught me that for every naysayer, there will be an inspiration, someone pushing you even farther, who never stops believing in your ideas and mission. (I will be forever indebted to you, Dr. Jeanne Pope and Dr. Jeff McCall/Chris Newton and Hazel/Pigg families.) So, I suppose what I am trying to say is that DePauw taught me about the real world. I face the same challenges now as I did then. I hear and sense the same haters, and I overcome the same obstacles in the same way-- a smile, a brain, and a little perseverance.

So here I am now, using what I learned in my two majors and two minors (and many extracurriculars) there and the social charm polished up at the Indiana Epsilon Chapter of Pi Beta Phi there and combining them to give back to communities that gave so much to me and a growing number of communities that could use a little boost.

In my recent successes, I have been fortunate enough to have received some press for my mission, my cause.

Who are the first people to reach out of nowhere and give me a few hearty pats on the back? DePauw graduates, of all decades. I have consistently received e-mails from my old professors and graduates I have never met saying, "Great work. You make us proud. Keep going." Its so awesome.

So, this is just a thank you note to DePauw, for making me much of what I am today. Thank you.


(Photos from my trip to Belize, where I asked my parents for the best birthday gift yet: paint for a cistern for the school we lived at that was saving and saving for paint for it.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(GIVEAWAY) & Guest Blogging-- 2 truths and a lie.

Hi all,

We are making big fun changes here at barley & birch. New website in the works that will blow your minds, we're transitioning into our cool spring collection (see photo above) and we're designing Fall 2010.

One thing I have been wanting to do is to have guest bloggers on here as we begin to develop the blog more. But, like, we are sort of not-for-serious with our blogging and like to have fun with it, so I was having a hard time finding a theme to unite a series of serious and meaningful blog posts.

Then it hit me-- it doesn't have to be serious like the other guest posting going on! It can be fun and silly! (Then we can transition into significance.)


I am pleased to announce that our guest bloggers will be playing one of my favorite conversation starters here on barley & birch's blog: two truths and a lie.

This will give us an opportunity to showcase some of our dearest friends and their quirky lives that make us love them SO MUCH.

To kick off our game, I shall begin. Guess the lie, be entered to win a barley & birch piece of your choice!


1. My mom sang backup with Bruce Springsteen on one of his tours before I was born.
2. I am afraid of clowns and things in costumes.
3. I have two fake teeth.

Post your guesses below! We will announce the winner, and correct answer, next week!


P.S. E-mail me if you ever want to guest post!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

Well after seeing this sweetie, we just couldn't resist posting another picture of the ADORABLE tees we did for RockerByeBaby (if we don't say so ourselves!)

Meet Violet! She is 13.5 months old. Her mom, Katie, has the super cute blog thinkPINK and was kind enough to send us this photo.

Violet's favorite foods are sweet potato fries and grilled cheese sandwiches. She also loves playing with her kitties & chasing them around the house! Violet's mother fondly notes that she "loves pressing buttons to turn things on and off and switch the channels on the TV!" Violet also loves playing with her Wonder Pets toys.

We think Violet makes our new edgy graphic look beautifully sweet and oh-so-cool. (Check out her matching shoes!)

Thanks to Katie and Violet for the photo! (:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inc. Magazine

They wrote an article about us! Its really nice and we are honored to be featured alongside such inspiring and talented people! Wow.

Check out the article here.


P.S. At the time this was published I was winning in votes! Wow!