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Thursday, May 27, 2010

We've moved!

Hey everyone! We
just realized that we left all of our blog followers hanging!

We have moved our blog over to our exciting, shiny new website!

Will you mosey on over and subscribe? We love this blog but will keep up our blogging over on the website, where all of our customers can see all the cool new things going on with b&b!



Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm heading into finals now. Where has the semester even gone?

Should you feel compelled to cross your fingers, pray, send me vibes, ANYTHING, please feel free.
I will be needing all of the above starting now through Wednesday, as I tackle law school finals.

Life is so funny, isn't it? I have quickly trained my brain to switch immediately from discussing which of our adorable prints should line our organic hand-loomed denim blazer for fall to thinking about whether an admission made during negotiations to pay medical bills is admissible as evidence in a trial (it is.)

I think I prefer the land of creativity and planet-saving, but must admit that I feel so so good when I return to my geeky roots and overwork my brain and rock these tests despite not being an average law student. Its like... my thing now.

Well, I am off to pack my brain full of legal knowledge. Send well-wishes through the airwaves and interwebs as you see fit! I will need every. last. one.



"Wear it!" Wednesday

Meet LJ!

He is 19 months old and sporting his Hug Me Tee. And how ADORABLE is his b&b-style statement on the photo?! Of course it made me sit here and swoon so I had to post two photos.

LJ's mother, Patricia, has a great blog and wrote a sweet and thoughtful review of us here.

Patricia reports that LJ's favorite food is green beans, saying that "He loves his veggies, even without cheese on them!" He is also a big outdoorsman (as evidenced by the above photos) and loves elephants and 'quack quacks!'

When not outdoors, LJ enjoys saying his vowels and has recently fallen in love with Elmo. (Welcome to the club... Elmo's the greatest!)

We think LJ is just about the cutest little guy!

Thanks to Patricia & LJ for the photos! (: