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Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Truths & a Lie-- an open offer! (Miriam's Kitchen Post Pt. 2)

So, per the previous post, I am packing up my check to send to Miriams Kitchen today. (Check out these videos of some news segments they were featured on today. It gives a neat glimpse into the awesome things they are doing.)

I also happened to swing by Costco and (while snacking on a frozen yogurt and looking at cords for big TVs for my dad) I realized that, sure, we were sending a $74 dollar check to feed the homeless. But thats really nothing in the big picture. Miriam's feeds 200 people each MORNING!

And I thought "I should give more." But, like many of you all out there, I thought, "But, we can't." It was that simple. We try to fund things all the time and we are very much over-donated and, well, we couldn't. "Me sponsoring even an entire meal per month isn't sustainable at this point for b&b financially." I thought. "I should. But I can't." Taking another chomp of my frozen yogurt and watching snowboarding on the 100 huge screened TVs, I realized "I will send some stuff they need though. In this world of too much, its the least I can do."

So I moseyed over to the coffee. $12 for huge bag of organic and local coffee. Okay.

Then I looked at socks. $12 for a set of socks. Sounds good.

Then it hit me!
I didn't have to save the world all by myself! Other people could spend $24 and arguably not even notice the expense in their budget. And Miriam's needs things like jeans and coffee mugs, too! Things that you have sitting around and want to get rid of! Or things you could get at Goodwill for a few bucks! They keep their wishlist updated and
tweet it often.

So, I would like to formally announce our open offer to you all:

If you e-mail us (hey@barleyandbirch.com) a photo of you or your kids packing up a box of goodies to send to Miriam's Kitchen and include your address, we will send you a complimentary piece of barley & birch clothing as a "Thank you."

Tell your friends!



  1. Wow. You are the MOST generous---may I repost this on my own site? I'd love to help you help Miriams Kitchen<3

  2. How cool are you? I think you really are one of the most generous people I have ever "met"!