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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Positive feedback ALWAYS welcome.

We get a lot of sweet e-mails from people all over the world thanking us for our standards and the stand we take on where the apparel industry should be with regards to protecting the environment and the people that create our clothing.

These emails make it all worth it.

This morning I woke up to a really lovely e-mail. We love sending pieces to people to review. But when someone writes about what we DO, independent of a giveaway or product review, it really touches me.

Paula, from Green Colored Glasses wrote this review about our brand. She closed her e-mail by saying:

"As a mom and a human being, thanks from the bottom of my heart for all that you're doing for the planet and the people in it! Keep up the great work!!"

So neat.

To everyone that's written then, THANK YOU, you inspire me personally every single day. You make me excited to stay up all night getting back with people and never leaving anything for the next day, you make me excited to keep working on our new website and new collection. You all make me want to do even more to save the world.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

This week's post is VERY special and, well, EXCLUSIVE!

We created custom pieces and graphic for the insanely popular and famous (celeb fans include Angie Everhardt and Tori Spelling!) RockerByeBaby. Check out their blankets and shirts, as they are our edgy idols. (:

We made laptees and tees for them that are selling like wildfire! Get yours here. (And if you mention this blog post, we will send you a free b&b tank, too!)

So meet Gregory, the cutie son of Brooke of Brooke Van Gory fame. She makes AWESOME baby products-- everyone's favorite are the gorgeous upcycled pants!

Definitely be sure to check out our pieces for RBB, all RBB's awesome stock, and all of the wonderful Brooke Van Gory's pieces!

Thanks to Brooke, Gregory, and Amber for the photo!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Exhausted, boarding flight to Cali.

Well, after a whirlwind trip back to my awesome hometown of Defiance, Ohio, I am headed back to the Bay Area. I can't say I am too thrilled, but trying to get there.

Ohio just really is the best state ever. For real.

My trip was packed with speaking to a Middle School about "a healthy vision for the future" (my topic was the affect the apparel industry has on the environment), school work, seeing my best friend's new baby, and catching up with my friends and family that I love so so much.

I am so tired and can't wait to zonk out on my flight.

(Photo courtesy of the wildly talented Monika Elena.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

Wondering who the little darling wearing the Panda Tank is? Well, meet Savannah!

Savannah is the daughter of Anne, whose popular blog, Mommy Has to Work, recently reviewed barley & birch (with a giveaway!)

Savannah is 21 months and is at the age where she is wanting to be independent and do things herself. Her mom reports that she loves 'ellies" (elephants) and lions and her favorite foods is either spaghetti or pretzels. Anne also notes that "she love her big brother something fierce!" We can tell! How adorable is their picture?!

Thanks to Anne and Savannah for the photos! (:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Up late.

I'm up late working on our wholesale store (where our retailers can get on at any hour and conveniently order stock for their stores) and can't stop thinking about this beautiful dress. Don't you just love it?

Friday, October 16, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

Oh no. We are back to posting these on Friday. A sign of how much we have going on over here, I suppose? Stay tuned for more frequent blog posts about all sorts of fun things!

But without further ado let me introduce this super-cutie wearing his Fishies Tee! Meet Jackson. Jackson is the son of Melissa, who has the well-known blog Now What Baby? Melissa was kind enough to include our pieces in her awesome Fall Style Guide, and don't miss her review here (with giveaway!)

Darling Jackson's favorite animal is a stuffed lemur and he has to have with him everywhere. His mom reports that he loves to eat pizza and can out eat most of the family! Jackson is also very into golf - most of the time you can find him carrying his plastic club around the house and knocking golf balls into everything. His mom sums it up best-- "He is a very happy little guy and you rarely see him without a smile on his face." We can tell! We think Jackson is a total doll and are thrilled to have him sport some barley & birch.

Thanks to Melissa and Jackson for the photos!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Ride it!" Wednesday

I bought a bike.

This bike is NOT your average bike.

This bike is old (read: NOT new and creating more waste and emissions.) This bike is cool (obviously.) This bike gave kids in my community something to do with their afternoon, a job, skills, a paycheck, and a chance to earn their own bike (Whoa.)

See, I told you this bike was different!

I purchased my bike, which came with the name "WIND" on it, so I refer to is as "The Wind", from Cycles of Change APC Bike Shop.

Their website says it best: "APC is a supportive housing community, providing housing, services and community programs to support residents and families so that they need never know the struggles of homelessness again. APC pairs each resident with a case worker who provides access to health services, mental health and substance counseling, family programs and job training. APC also operates a bike shop, commercial plant nursery and brand new urban farm. Proceeds from these enterprises help support homeless services at APC."

I went, chatted with some of the kids and their very tall, funny, leader Evan, picked a bike, and eagerly awaited the day when I could pick it up. (It needed some TLC.)

I picked it up last Thursday and it rides like a dream. See evidence below.

The Cycles of Change APC bike shop is inspiring! They mix the purest form of sustainability (upcycling car alternatives!) with social relevance and awareness.

Just think, what if all of our needs could be fulfilled by a business with a similar model? Wouldn't it be cool if we could be as passionate about our shoes, pots & pans, and clothing as I am about my bike? I think so.

Thanks to the good people at Cycles of Change APC Bike Shop for my bike and giving me a much needed boost of inspiration to keep trying to change the world!