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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sending some positive happiness to you all!

Hi everyone!

I hope this Friday finds you all enjoying your day and getting ready for a wonderful weekend!

With the crazy things happening in this world (oil spill in the Gulf and Arizona immigration law) I wanted to send some fun, simple, positivity to you all.

I've been reminding myself lately to not get bogged down in the daily obstacles and stresses and the horrible sad things going on in other parts of the world.

Your worrying does no one any good. What does good is an energized and inspired person helping create a solution and making a difference in their own community. Its all connected. Feeling overwhelmed by the millions of gallons of oil soaking the oceans off the coast of Louisiana? Go walk some dogs and clean some kennels at your local humane society. Are you upset by the people starving in Uganda? Call your local soup kitchen and see if they need anything from Costco and drop it off to them. Everything has a ripple effect.

What's important is that you take time to enjoy your life. Its great, isn't it? No matter if you can't pay your bills or you work for a jerk or your inlaws drive you up the wall 24-7. Life is great. So go immerse yourself in what makes you happy and bounce along through your day and all the stressers. Just ignore them!

I love Kina Grannis and have been listening to her all day! (And will see her in SF in 2 weeks!) I love her cover of the peppy Train song.

(I dedicate that video to my great friend Monika because she is one of the only infinitely positive and happy and wonderful people I know. And she is my soul sister actually. Or biological one maybe. I get so stressed and she so CONSTANTLY encouraging and I never thank her enough for that. Thanks, Mon!)

Then this is Kina's new video that is equally as sweet and lovely. I love it.

Have a great weekend everyone! What are you all doing? Any fun plans?


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  1. Love it- thank you so much! We think she'll be a new obsession!