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Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspiration & Pit Bulls

Hi All! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are beginning (or getting ready to begin) your work week full of energy and revitalized. Its been a while since I felt revitalized and ready for a Monday, as usually I spend my weekends getting caught up and ahead of the rest of the population that doesn't work 90hrs week. (Its like the P.Diddy philosophy.... or something?) But this week I feel rested and ready to go get 'em!


I am most inspired when I have wrapped up my work and get out and am totally exhausted. I used to surf alllllll day, head to yoga, and dream up the best way to build a children's clothing empire. My mind has been really cloudy with stress and growing pains and obstacles lately and I've really been needing some time to get away and get everything set and straightened out in my head.

So today we went on an epic hike.

Needless to say I've planned out the coolest stuff ever and figured out how to make it all work. I am giddy with excitement over these ideas. I can't wait to share them with you all!

I of course took time to pose for several million photos with my 2nd best friend (after Alia), Theopolous Wolverine Horatio Merstacules Smitley(-Barry) aka Theo, my 80lb 9 month old puppy. He is half Pit Bull and half German Shepherd and really the best dog in the universe. (Having an intensely overbearing and bossy human momma helps, I think.)

I just love this little guy and decided to create our Pit Bull shirt with the hopes of raising at least a couple thousand dollars to support rescues all over the country. The breed is often used for fighting and kept in incredibly cruel situations and, living in the Bay Area, I've seen these poor puppies with cuts mended with staplers and skin conditions treated with motor oil one too many times to just sit by and do nothing.

So I figured we'd make our Pit Bull shirt and hope that people loved these little pups as much as I do. We can print on any light color tee or on our own. For sizing reference, I am wearing a small. They run true to size and shrink up a little bit.

The pup on our tee is a rescue pup as well. Her name is Honey and she belongs to Eileen and Shawn, who are friends of Jodie and were kind enough to let us use her cutie mug on our tees.

For your Sunday evening enjoyment, here is one segment of our lovefest at the top of a mountain.

This is just the norm. Being smothered in attention and love.

I'm trying to move him to a more photogenic position.

He "gives kisses" that are more like really intense nose pokes with a drooly tongue flailing.

Please don't let the enormous tongue and sweaty grimace in this photo discourage you from snatching up one of our Pit Bull tees.

I'd love to hear how YOU get inspired? And of course would also love to hear about how much you love your dogs and all the crazy things you do for them, too. Leave comments below!


1 comment:

  1. awwww your pup is so cute! I dont have dogs of my own due to apartment-living :p but my sister has rescued both of hers which I really admire! :)

    the shirt is great too!!! I just might have to snatch one up :)

    as for inpiration...hmmmmmm, comes from all sorts of things. But nature is definitely a plus! I feel most relaxed and zen if I can just take a moment to sit outside :)
    beautiful pics btw!