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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Wear it!" Wednesday

Well, its our first repeat Wear It Wednesday starlet, but how could we resist this cuteness? Here, Sophie is snuggled up getting ready to sleep in her b&b Cactus Tank.

Meet (or re-meet I suppose) darling Sophie. She was featured in our very first Wear it Wednesday post alongside her brothers.

Sophie is one of the namesakes behind her mum Natalie's clothing company, Sophie 4 Sophie. (The other Sophie is Natalie's sister.) Sophie 4 Sophie's signature piece is their reversable little girls dress. I've seen and felt these dresses before and was floored by the quality and attention to detail (there is even a small pocket in which you tuck the tag when you are reversing the design.) I cannot wait until they cet a stockist in the US so I can snatch them up fr the million little girls being born into my life at the moment!

Natalie was our very first friend on Twitter, and we value her friendship infinitely. She is the first person to lend an encouraging voice when we are challenged and a congratulatory voice when we succeed.

If cutie Soph has even a quarter of her mum's heart, she will grow up to be a fantastic young lady.

Thanks to Nat and Soph for the photos!

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