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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I just love this video. It was made by, and features, one of my favorite people,
Sara Sophia of tout-est-des-roses.

Check out the cameo of our very own Gazelle onepiece.

I don't think I will ever not get butterflies when I see our clothing on children.

THEN, when I see or hear of a parent allowing their precious babe to sleep and snuggle in our clothing, I get very choked up. All work and sleepless nights I spent making that piece perfectly free of all toxins and perfectly made have paid off. Their child will have a sleep free of harsh chemicals and heavy metals and I got to play a part in it. That was the mission, and its happening. It's really the most incredible feeling.

Isn't this video just the most darling thing you have ever seen?

I just had to share. So you all could have a lovely little break in your hectic lives.



  1. I love this video! And I love b&b so happy for you :D

  2. I've watched this video so many times today - I needed some smiles and it delivered. :D