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Friday, February 5, 2010

Our first sponsorship-- PROUD.

We get asked to sponsor things and advertise at least once a day.

We always decline, as I fiercely guard our budget to ensure that we can donate as much money as we do yet still have the resources we need to continue our growth and expansion plans. (There will come a time when we sponsor and advertise all over the place, of course, its just not now.)

But then Sara Sophia, of our beloved tout-est-des-roses was looking for sponsors for Blissdom. Of course we had to say yes! We've connected with her so so deeply over the past year and want her to have all the opportunities to reach more people that she can. So we really didn't give it a 2nd thought.

Well, until we did some checking up on all the zillions of people going to Blissdom. Wow, this was, like, a big conference. It wasn't just some little thing she just wanted to do. Everyone is there in this blogging world (in which we are very much still getting our bearings.) There are people with like a trillion followers. Whoa, and that one is inspiringly, awesomely thrifty. Oh, and that lady has like a cult following. And that one is sort of crabby. Cool women!

And then all of the sudden a huge smile crept across my face and I was filled with this enormous sense of pride and gratefulness. Our sponsee, Sara Sophia, is the perfect person for us to sponsor and to represent us as a brand. We literally support every single facet of her life and thoughts and, seriously, who could not love her personality? I look to her for cheer and inspiration. I look forward to reading her posts and basking in her positive and own-beat-marching energy.

Like, this video, for example. I've watched it at least half a million times (like many of you!) Usually at 2am when I am just overwhelmed and disenchanted with life. And it makes me smile and kiss my puppy and be happy about the whole world. How can you not melt when you watch it? (Also love the cameo of the Gazelle onepiece.)

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that (1) by spending our first sponsorship/advertising dollar we took our first step to real business-ness (not just new-kids-on-the-block world changing) and (2) that we are so intensely proud of our sponsee that I can't even express it. Its a new step for us and I couldn't be happier.

TGIF! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!



  1. Kyle,

    I am beyond honored just to know you.

    To represent a brand/movement that I believe in with every piece of my heart....is everything that social media should be.

    I love you fiercely,
    Sara Sophia

  2. (I meant to comment on this yesterday, but was pulled by sickly kids who needed momma's attention and hugs.)

    You are amazing, and exactly what every person hopes for in a brand sponsorship. I so completely understand how proud and elated you are to sponsor Sara Sophia, she is such an amazing AMA-ZING woman and the PERFECT person to help represent you, and I am so proud to witness this marvelous partnership between you.

    Much love and respect,


  3. What a great partnership between you and Sara Sophia! I heart you both.