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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Wear it!" Wednesday

Happy Wear it Wednesday to you all! You get TWO cutie barley & birch-loving tots this week to make up for lack of Wear It Wednesday the last two weeks!
They are both sporting their b&b for RockerByeBaby Tees!

These two little guys are the adorable sons of Leslie, the most inspiring eco-Mama that I have come across.
By reading her blog, Recycle Your Day, I am inspired to work harder to be even greener. I think I am super green and then I read her blog, where she is making her own deorderant and body lotions all while making her own pickles and raw dinners for her family. Like... how does she do this right? I am baffled and inspired at the same time!

Not to mention the fact that the first time I met Leslie, she was tweeting through her incredible natural birth all while making soup for her houseguests to enjoy while she gave birth. YES, I am serious. No, I am not sure if she is superhuman but I am guessing as much.

BUT, lets get to these cuties!

Tristan, her eldest, is often referred to as the "eco tot" because, well, he is eco-loving AND was born on Earth Day. Tristan's favorite food is organic homemade granola (prounounced "buh-nola"), homemade hummus w/ crudités (plate of veggies) and pickles.Leslie reports that he is also very fond of Surf Sweet organic jelly beans. His favorite activity is upcycling items from around the home and incorporating them into a craft. His mother said, "Today, we made binoculars from toilet paper rolls- went on a nature walk and spotted birds. He also loves to make mud pies in his sand box."

Wow, does this little guy make being a green kid sound adorable or what?

And then there is Clark, also known as "Baby C." Leslie reports that Baby C is loving his green smoothies and organic bananas right now. His favorite thing to do is to watch his big brother and being held in his Ergo. His family notes that he also loves ALL animals at the moment.

Well we think these two guys and their parents make for the most eco-and-cute-packed house that we could possibly imagine.

Thanks to Leslie and her boys for the photos!


  1. aaweee. how cute!! Thanks so much for the shout out! Love to see tots wearing their goodies :)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring the boys!! Truly an honor. We told the eco tot and Baby C they were stars ;) We love the tees... they look super cute in them. IMO- LOL! ;)