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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 truths & a lie: Amber from RockerByeBaby

Who: Amber

Owner of RockerByeBaby, a super cool rocker-y line of kids clothing, blogger extraordinaire.

Why we are obsessed
Amber is awesome. She is so fun to work with. We love them so much that we designed a graphic and tee for them! Amber is so REAL. Her emails are hilarious 100% of the time. We, oh and several celebs, are obviously drawn to her designs and take on kidswear. It doesn't always have to be trucks and ponies. Some kids were just born to be COOL. (barley & birch obviously can't pull off cool like RockerByeBaby can, but we are okay just settling with our neato Cactus.) We look forward to
Tweeting with Amber every day. (:

But Amber is going to LIE to you all.

She says:

"I just got married back in July and all weekend have been working on
photo albums... dvd's and all that Jazz... so while Im still riding
the wedding high, i think ill quiz you on that :) We had pretty much
the most perfectly punk rock chic wedding ever... Kyle Knows, i made
her look at all the photos :) I'm even tagging along two photos just to
really throw you for a loop :)"

1. Our entire wedding party wore Converse shoes, including me.
2. My girls wore stripper dresses.

3. My wedding dress was under $150.

Submit guesses below.

P.S. For the record, her wedding pictures are amazing cool. See evidence above.


  1. I know this answer! But I'm not gonna ruin it for guessers :P

    The wedding pictures are the most awesome I've seen. And I love Amber too. When I have kids, they're not gonna know what hit them with a ton of minky-backed skull-spattered mayhen and carnage.. it'll be sweeeet.

    And as for Barley and Birch... LOVE. eco organic it's just a better way to go. I hope to convert my whole store to organic eventually as currently it's only an option, working out the technical side w/shirt supplies etc. Looking through your site is inspiration telling me I need to get this moving faster.

  2. I know the answer, too! But that is only cause I betcha I can give you a run for your money on the "who loves Amber more" quiz, Kyle! ;)

    And just do you know....Barley and Birch +Rocker Bye Baby = match made in heaven!

  3. I am guessing THAT---your entire wedding party did NOT wear converse.

    Only because it seems very obvious that they did...so perhaps therein lies the secret?

    I dunno:P

    And psst: For the record...I totally love you.

    Sara Sophia

  4. I'm going to go with the converse shoes. I've seen her wedding photos and I know one of the girls was wearing flip flops.

  5. I would love to guess, but scared of getting it wrong!!

    but if i had to, I would say the 2nd one was a lie! :-)

    as the dresses they're wearing in the picture, Look far to nice!!!

    (am sorry if im wrong! lol)
    Natalie xx

    BTW.. I love Barley & Birch AND RockerByeBaby!
    you all rock! we love our new Tee, thanks so much!

  6. That picture is definitely throwing me for a loop...hmm...I'm going to guess the same as Sara, unless that's all part of the plan to trick people?! Ah I'm not sure! Ok definitely 2 is a lie...