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Friday, December 11, 2009

GIFT GUIDE: 5th Day-- Donation to local SPCA or county animal shelter

One of my favorite gifts to give people is a photo of me holding a big bag of dog food.

While this might not seem like a gift you would like to receive, what it symbolizes makes a difference to the furry friends living at your (or your giftee's) local animal shelter.

Animal shelters are ALWAYS in need of food, money, and time.
This means that there are endless ways to give back and make a difference.

Grab a huge bag of dog food and donate it in honor of your babysitter or postman. Make a monetary donation to the SPCA in honor of your child's piano teacher that you know loves her kitties.

Don't forget breed-particular rescue organizations, either! Know someone who loves their Labrador? Make a donation to a lab rescue. Know someone who can't stop cuddling with their snuggly pit bull puppy (me!)? Make a donation to a hard working pit bull rehabilitation group in their name.

In my experience, this is the best gift to give someone who has it all and adores animals. It will touch their hearts infinitely and go a long way to serve a group of living beings so often neglected, abused, and unloved.

Many shelters often have the option of purchasing a brick in honor or memory of both people and pets. Our neighbors did that when our dog passed after 15 happy years. Inquire about an option if you know your gift recipient is mourning a recent pet loss.

Low on cash? Get signed up as volunteers, and go into the local shelter and volunteer for a day in someone's honor. Take a quick photo of yourselves washing those dirty dogs, print it out, and include it in a card explaining what you did for the giftee. Remember, the thought that went into it will blow your giftee away. And as with the other gifts, teach your little ones that volunteering in a thoughtful way can make people even happier than material goods.

Change the world one little kitten at a time!

(P.S. Photo above is of the newest addition to our family, Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix Theo. We love him just TONS.)

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  1. I have donated to a shelter in family members' names this year, donated cat food & our pop cans as well (they recycle and use the $ for the shelter). I also make monthly contributions to another one, and a yearly donation to a 3rd one too. I think it's super important to do our part to help the pups and kitties of the world too!