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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

This week's post is VERY special and, well, EXCLUSIVE!

We created custom pieces and graphic for the insanely popular and famous (celeb fans include Angie Everhardt and Tori Spelling!) RockerByeBaby. Check out their blankets and shirts, as they are our edgy idols. (:

We made laptees and tees for them that are selling like wildfire! Get yours here. (And if you mention this blog post, we will send you a free b&b tank, too!)

So meet Gregory, the cutie son of Brooke of Brooke Van Gory fame. She makes AWESOME baby products-- everyone's favorite are the gorgeous upcycled pants!

Definitely be sure to check out our pieces for RBB, all RBB's awesome stock, and all of the wonderful Brooke Van Gory's pieces!

Thanks to Brooke, Gregory, and Amber for the photo!


  1. We love Barley and Birch, and we have loved Rocker Bye Baby since they first began, so this match was one that was made in the heavens!

  2. OMG Gory you look so adorable ^_^ Cutest baby ever!!! I love Brooke Van Gory and Rocker Bye Baby designs! Great blog =D XOXO ~Lex

  3. Gory sent me over here.. I LOVE BARLEY & BIRCH.

    I remember seeing stuff posted by Rockerbyebaby and thought it was awesome. I'm completely following this blog now!