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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

This week's "Wear it!" Wednesday is near and dear to my heart-- as this photo was so kindly sent by my great friend, Sarah. Well, she is more like the sister I never had. Sarah and I grew up a house down from one another and our parents have been close for years. We fondly recall family camping trips (riding fold up bikes that would fold up while you were riding them if my mother happened to be the one that set it up) and Mini Golf outings (where you never knew how her mother always managed to get "2" strokes on the hole she spent 20 minutes on.) And I probably shouldnt mention the perfectly choreographed dances to various Dixie Chicks songs. In the car. Or dancing around it stopped at a red light. To the humiliation of her brother siting/hiding in the back.

ANYWAY, these CUTIES are her cousins. Meet Nicholas (2), Jackson (6 months), and Luke (4) of beautiful Ankeny, Iowa. Their mother, Jann, notes that the boys enjoy counting the animals on each others barley & birch shirts! The boys love playing outside and look forward to getting plenty of use out of their barley & birch tees during their annual trip to the family's lakehouse in Wisconsin this August. Looking at the picture, we certainly don't doubt that.

Well, we are convinced that you couldn't pack much more cuteness into a single photograph if you tried. (:

Thanks to Sis and Jann for sharing this adorable photo!

P.S. If I get enough comments or messages, I would be willing to post some hilarious chilhood photos of Sis and I. And her 4 siblings.


  1. I didn't agree to that post script!!! (But if you have any pics of the cul-de-sac parades or the Saturday evening Chris-mandated Field of Dreams viewings, I might be okay with that...)

  2. Really cute pic!