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Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

(Hm, back to Thursday, BUT better late than never.)

This weeks "Wear it!" Wednesday features Zavery, the mischievous-but-sweet-as-sugar-looking tot of Amber, owner of RockerByeBaby, which makes and sells adorable kids clothes & blankets for the rockstar in every kid. Amber also blogs and does some incredible giveaways there! Barley & birch was lucky to get one of the sweetest, most touching reviews we have ever received from her site. We can't get enough of mega-cool people taking steps toward a super eco-friendly life, thus making it look even cooler! You can only take so many hemp-wearing, vegan, barefooted hippies... oh, wait...

Anyway, Zavery's clever slogan is also probably the cutest thing that we have ever seen. Other than his little smirk that is...

And yes, staying true to the barley & birch mission, Zavery is definitely rocking a cloth diaper! We think: BEST OUTFIT EVER.

Thanks to Amber and Zavery for being, well, total rockstars.

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