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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 truths & a lie: Summer from fawn & forest

Who: Summer

What: Beautiful owner of fawn&forest, the insanely gorgeous mecca of children's gear and clothing. Supermom of 2 cutie boys.

Why are are obsessed: First of all, we at b&b are instantly smitten by impeccable taste and design, so obviously we had a business crush on Summer and fawn&forest from day 1. THEN I got to meet the cool crew she has over at fawn&forest and exchange some (like 200) e-mails with her at all hours of the morning. It was love at first "Reply" for me.

Since then, she has taken time out of her insanely busy days to respond to me please for advice and suggestions, always offered words of encouragement for what we are doing, and inspired us daily with her neat finds and ideas on Twitter.

We are stoked to know her.

Now she is going to lie to you.

Summer reports:

1. She skipped the 11th grade.
2. She was one of Inc. Magazine's Top 30 Under 30.
3. She wants to legally change her middle name.

WHICH IS THE LIE?? Submit guesses below.


  1. no, definitely #1. she is too cute to be super genius.

  2. Im going with #3... but of course... now I want to know what her middle name is!

  3. I can't believe I missed this....I am so happy to finally get to SEE Summer's face.

    And of course, she is as adorable as she is sweet<3

    And although I already read the answer...I know I would have guessed right because I spent an entire month on Inc's 30 under 30 list voting for Kyle!!:P

    Sara Sophia