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Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday-- special edition!

Okay so POP QUIZ whats the coolest part of this really cool photo?

A. The look on my face
B. My slept on hair
C. My classic Ray Bans
D. My 7 year old Citizens
E. My ratty UGGs that I can't get rid of
F. MY FCearth T-shirt
G. The Guy's Volvo wagon

Yep-- you guessed it! F! My FCearth T-shirt!!

So FCearth is a super neat new company owned by my friend Jeff. Jeff is one of the coolest guys ever and also happens to be from the Toledo, OH area. (Like me!!)

FCearth's point is quite similar to b&b's-- you can change the world in everything you do. FCearth has cool tees (like the one I am rocking) now and is working on a line of eco-friendly soccer gear. They then use a part of their proceeds to give soccer balls and instructional DVDs to urban elementary schools all over the US. Um COOL. Soccer is an international language (or so I've been told by The Guy) and the fact that FCearth is sharing it domestically with kids that might not otherwise be exposed is amazing, heartwarming, and relevant.

We are stoked to hear more about what FCearth is doing as they grow and grow. We'll keep you all posted.

Go check them out, get some tees, and get involved!


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  1. i miss you sooo much. so much! it's sickening.