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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Wear it!" Wednesday

That's right, Bubble is over and we are back to blogging on Wednesdays! In fact, get ready for multiple posts this week. Whoa, right?

This week's "Wear it!" Wednesday is all about little miss Ja'Naya here. This cutie is 4 years old and the daughter of Jennae, of Green Your Decor fame. Jennae recently created another incredible blog, Green & Gorgeous, which launched on Monday! Definitely swing by to check it out. If Green Your Decor is any indicator, we are certain its going to be a daily must-read.

We at barley & birch were of course thrilled to read Jennae's super sweet review of our Octi Tank posted today.

But, lets get back to Ja'Naya, shall we?

Ja'Naya's favorite colors are red and pink, and her favorite foods are spaghetti and friend plantains. Her favorite animals are Beluga whales (ever since seeing them at the Georgia Aquarium.) Now, I, too count Beluga whales among my favorite animals and manage to burst out into the Raffi song at any given moment from day to day.

Her mother also reports that Ja'Naya enjoys playing games on Webkinz and PBSkids, noting that she is surprisingly computer savvy for only being 4. Hmm, we wonder where she got that savviness from...

All we know is that this cutie has officially made the Octi tank look totally, well, Green & Gorgeous!

Thanks to Jennae and Ja'Naya for the picture!

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